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01 December 2023 18:48:53
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Tournament 2023
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UK 6-A-Side Mini World Cup
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Tournament 2023


1.      All players must sign the disclaimer before the tournament starts.

2.      Players must wear appropriate footwear i.e. astro-turf trainers, normal trainers or footwear approved by venue only. Any metal studs, metal moulds or metal blade footwear are not permitted.

3.      Shin-pads must be worn by all players - no shin-pads, no game! Jewellery must be taped or not worn at all.

4.      Teams will consist of a maximum of 10 players to allow for 3 subs.

5.      All bookings will be forwarded to The FA. Team/player will be responsible for the penalties/fines issued by The FA.

6.      Any team fielding an ineligible player will be disqualified.

7.      Minor misconduct may be penalised with a standard 3 minutes' sin-bin (at referee’s discretion).

8.      Serious misconduct - A player who is sent off the field of play for any reason, or is reported for misconduct off the field of play shall be excluded from taking further part in the competition. If player refuses to leave the field of play, his entire team shall risk disqualification and the opposition will be awarded the match 3-0.

9.      If a player is sin-binned twice in one game they will receive a red card and will miss the next game.

10.    If a player receives a straight red card, then they will not be allowed to participate for the remainder of the tournament.

11.    If any teams drop out during play of group stages, then the remaining teams will be awarded 3-0 win.

12.    The top 4 teams from each group will go through to championship knock-out stage and the 5th & 6th team from each group will go through to plate knock out stage.

13.    League positions will be determined by points and goal differences. In the event of a tie, positions will then be decided by number of goals scored forward by number of goals conceded. If teams are still tied, then the game will go straight to penalties.

14.    Tournament officials shall have the power to enforce, act upon and apply the rules of the tournament, they shall also have full jurisdiction over all aspects affecting the tournament including any that are not covered by the rules and regulations.

15.    Tournament officials/referees will also adjudicate in all cases of dispute protest and complaint regarding the tournament and if needed will be reported to the FA.



1.      Team must be ready for kick-off at the times specified or they will be liable to forfeit the game to the opposition 3-0. If team is present but not ready to play, then 1 goal will be awarded every 3 minutes from the beginning of the kick-off time to the team that is ready.

2.      Team will play one match against each team within allocated group.

3.      In the event of teams being level on points, then the team with superior goal difference will qualify.

4.      Group stage match times are 10 minutes, no half time.

5.      Quarter Finals and Semi Finals will be 12 minutes, no half time. No extra time will be given if match is a draw, straight to penalties which will be best out of 3 penalty shoot-outs.

6.      Finals will be 20 minute games - 10 minute each half. No extra time will be given if match is a draw, straight to penalties which will be best out of 3 penalty shoot-outs.

7.      Roll-on roll-off subs with referees' permission from the side line.

8.      All free-kicks are direct and players must stand 2 yards back.

9.      Slide tackle and tackle from behind will be penalised.

10.    All throw-ins are to be taken by kicking from the spot.

11.    Back-pass to goalkeeper is permitted. There is no restriction on the number of players a ball must touch before being passed to a goalkeeper and goalkeepers are permitted to throw the ball to any outfield player.

12.    Goalkeeper is restricted to their area (known as the box). A penalty shall be awarded if a goalkeeper intentionally leaves the box. Referees can use discretion in cases of accidental/momentum.

13.    Players are allowed to enter their own box and the oppositions box.

14.    Players will be allowed a maximum of 1 steps in any penalty shoot-out.

15.    Goalkeeper can only throw the ball over or under arm - no kicking. If the football is kicked by the goalkeeper, a direct free kick will be awarded 5 yards outside the box.

16.    There are no head-height restrictions.

17.    Foul language and/or swearing which is directed at referees will result in a red card.


Please Note: If any rules have not been mentioned on this list, then please speak to one of the organizers or referees before kick-off. This is a standard FA rule for small-sided football tournament.